What are you waiting for?

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Donating blood.

For some, the mere thought of doing so is enough to run a chill down the spine.

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However, our own President now assures us that there is nothing to worry about, claiming that his first recent experience was “fun” and that he is looking forward to going back again. We think James was actually serious, so we decided to talk to him.

Our rookie joined a small group of volunteers at the Geneva Hospital last Saturday – the third group visit by Volunteer Geneva since early September. While at first apprehensive, James soon realised there was nothing to worry about, even smiling for our photographer mid-procedure.

It’s a great feeling to donate – and so easy. There’s a bit of discomfort in the beginning but the whole thing’s over before you know it. If you’re worried about the blood, just don’t look. Take out your phone and get on Facebook or something. Within 15 minutes or so, the donation’s all over and you can go back to enjoying the free breakfast. Lying there, I decided that we all need to to ask the question, “What are you waiting for?”. If you’re eligible to donate, I don’t think there are many good answers.

Then he gave a wink – because apparently he does that now.

This was James’ second attempt to donate after being excluded from donating previously due to restrictions relating to travel in certain countries. In his case, it was as simple as a summer vacation to Greece which excluded him for one month. Such experiences highlight the importance of checking the latest advisory notices before attending the hospital. For the latest restrictions, consult the HUG blood donation website. You may also call the hospital if you have any questions – 022 372 39 01.

The next group visit will be on Saturday 2 November. Check out the donation event page for details.

The restriction on Greece is now lifted after previous concerns surrounding cases of the West Nile Virus. The advisory is still current for Bologna and Venice in Italy.