Outreach to the Elderly

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IMG_1772 (Medium)Last weekend a group of twelve twelve enthusiastic volunteers participated in the Outreach to the Elderly visit at Résidence de Saconnay. After a brief presentation of Volunteer Geneva by our Association Secretary Christina, the volunteers played a word game with the residents. The game (much like the hangman) requires the residents to guess the name of a country, of which they only know the first and last letter. Of course they can also give letters at random to try and find the country’s name. After that, they are asked to name the capital of the said country.

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We received very positive comments from the residents, who like exercising their brain through this memory/knowledge game. Some of them have lived in different countries of the world and it is very interesting to talk with them about their experiences.

IMG_1774 (Medium)In the end of the event, Hannah, one of our volunteers, played some amazing piano songs for the residents!

The next visit to the elderly house is scheduled for Saturday 20 September 2014, make sure to join us!

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