Volunteer Geneva is an association dedicated to improving lives and strengthening communities through volunteering. We aim to connect people across cultures and neighborhoods through community-driven volunteering and learning opportunities. Our raison d’être is a commitment to instilling an ethic of stewardship through socially responsible initiatives, by bridging the gaps between residents looking for volunteering opportunities, institutions seeking volunteers and the vulnerable people of the local community in need of assistance.


Volunteer Geneva strives to promote volunteering as a universal, inclusive, and transformative tool for social action rooted in free will, engagement, commitment, and solidarity. As a strategic pathway towards purposeful social participation and community empowerment, volunteerism can lastingly transform society by strengthening trust, advocating solidarity, and encouraging reciprocity. Indeed, it is truly an outstanding means to connecting people beyond the socio-cultural boundaries of race, ethnicity, gender, class, religion or nationality in order to foster a more resilient community based upon mutual respect, dignity, and justice for all.


To foster a community spirit of shared responsibility for social stewardship, human development, and meaningful social activism through volunteerism in Geneva.

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Volunteer Geneva aims to promote and to organise volunteer activities. It is neutral and independent. Specific aims include:

  • Assisting, through volunteer activities, vulnerable people, including the homeless, migrants and the elderly;
  • Informing the community, especially expatriates, on the importance and benefits of volunteering and of volunteer opportunities;
  • Creating partnerships with local, regional and international organisations that work for the benefit of vulnerable people;
  • Participating and organising other events, which are compatible with the purpose of the Association.

We aim to have fun, work hard, and celebrate the deep altruism and the determination to effect social change that inspire our relentless work in the community.