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Did you ever consider donating blood but didn’t know where to go in Geneva, what it involves or simply didn’t want to go alone? Volunteer Geneva regularly organises group visits to the Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève (HUG) to donate blood. Check our upcoming events for the next visit.

Donating blood is an uncomfortable idea for some. By going as a group, we hope that first-timers, as well as long-term donors, will feel they have all the support and information they need to make this important decision to donate.

Read about one member’s first experience here.

We meet outside the Centre de Transfusion Sanguine (HUG), Rue Gabrielle-Perret-Gentil 6 at 9h00. Donations take place on the 5th floor. Allow up to two hours for the entire process, particularly if it is your first time donating at HUG.

If you have any questions regarding your eligibility to donate, check the website or call the blood donation service for advice – 022 372 39 01.

The most common reasons that you may be excluded –

  • Weight is below 50kg
  • Suffered illness eg. cold, flu, fever in the previous 4 weeks
  • Had dental treatment in the previous 72 hours
  • Recently travelled abroad (call ahead to check – certain countries have restrictions but there are exceptions to this list, depending on the circumstances)
  • Had a tattoo, acupuncture treatment or a piercing in the previous 4 months
  • Recently given birth or had a major operation

These conditions above may simply mean that you are excluded for a period of time before you can donate again. If you have any questions about your eligibility before attending the donation centre, always consult the hospital.

  • Please be aware that you are permanently excluded from donating if you have lived in the United Kingdom between 1980 and 1996 for a total duration of 6 months or more (sorry, this is out of our hands!). We encourage our UK friends to donate if possible when back home in the UK. For other reasons for exclusion, see the website.

To save time, you can print the questionnaire (must be printed recto/verso) and complete it before your visit:

Questionnaire médical (French) English translation available soon