Samedi du Partage

  • 08:00 AM
  • Vernier, Cirque, Acacias

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Volunteer Geneva is again supporting Samedi du Partage this year. The next collection will be on 14 June at three locations:

  • Coop Blandonnet
    • 8:00 – 13:00 (2 x morning shifts: 8:00-10:30, 10:30-13:00)
  • Coop Cirque – FULL
    • 8:00 - 18:00 (2 x morning shifts, 2 x afternoon shifts)FULL
  • Coop Acacias
    • 13:00 - 18:00 (2 x afternoon shifts: 13:00-15:30, 15:30-18.00)

You are welcome to sign up for as many shifts as you wish.

This is our biggest event for the year and we are counting on your support! Around thirty volunteers will be needed to get through the day.

What is Samedi du Partage?

The aim of the event is to collect food and other non-perishable items for poor persons living in Geneva. Samedi du Partage volunteers are present in different supermarkets in Geneva and collect non-perishable items that customers wish to donate. A list of the products that can be donated is written on the bags that are distributed to the customers by the volunteers. We need volunteers to help with two different roles on the day. You can choose your preference when you sign up.

Role 1:

  • Greet customers at the entrance, encourage them to take the special collection bag to fill with items to donate, advise them on the types of items that are suitable, and be ready to explain the concept. Most suited for people comfortable with French.

Role 2:

  • Collect the filled bags from the customers after they pass through the cashier, empty the bags, and arrange the products in the containers provided. French a bonus, but not necessary.


Shifts will be allocated on a fist come/first served basis. We will try to accommodate your requests as best as possible, however, if we are unable to place you at your desired venue/time, we will notify you and work to try to and offer a suitable alternative.

At Coop Blandonnet (Map – Route de Meyrin 171, 1214 Vernier) 8-10 people needed for each of the following shifts:

  • 8h00 – 10h30
  • 10h30 – 13h00

At Coop Cirque (Map – Boulevard de Saint-Georges 72, 1205 Genève) 3 people need for each of the following shifts (may suit a group of friends or family members):

  • 8h00 – 10h30 (FULL)
  • 10h30 – 13h00 (FULL)
  • 13h00 – 15h30 (FULL)
  • 15h30 – 18h00 (FULL)

At Coop Acacias (Map – Rue des Epinettes 20, 1227 Genève) 5-6 people for each of the following shifts:

  • 13h00 – 15h30
  • 15h30 – 18h00





Who benefits directly from Samedi du Partage?

Several beneficiary associations, that:

  • Are working in the field of poverty in the canton of Geneva;
  • Ensure the provision of meals or food directly to needy people throughout the year;
  • Have recognised public interest and have a legal status;
  • Undertake to ensure an active and supportive presence in the collection.

See the full list of the beneficiary associations. For more information see the website of Samedi du Partage (French only)