12h de Natation

  • Chemin de la Piscine 12, 1260 Nyon

More event details to come soon!

flyerzoc3a94life1In 2014, the 12h de Natation is in support of Zoé4life

“No one fights alone.”

It is with these 4 words that our story begins. In the spring of 2013, the Guignard family learned that their 4 year old daughter, Zoé, had relapsed. Zoé had been battling cancer since birth. Now, a new battle was about to begin. Friends and family of the Guignards got together to support them. ZOE4LIFE was created to help them through this battle. An incredible wave of solidarity was generated around Zoé and her family. Zoé passed away peacefully in her mother’s arms on October 26, 2013 two days before her 5th birthday. Her smile, her laugh and her desire to find joy in all that life has to offer was a gift and a lesson for all of us. She will forever be our motivation and our guide. ZOE4LIFE continues its missions to help other families of children with cancer. Zoé’s battle has become symbolic of the battle against powerlessness, despair and injustice. Together we can make a difference.

More info: http://www.cnn-nyon.ch/manifestations/12h-de-natation/